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My approach to patient care prioritizes a personalized and patient-centered methodology, taking into account the multifaceted influences of physical, mental, social, and spiritual factors on health and well-being. 

Through tailored interventions, I aim to address not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of illness and imbalances, with the ultimate goal of promoting long-term health, contentment, and happiness.

Grounded in extensive studies and a commitment to non-invasive practices, my approach integrates a variety of modalities, including lifestyle guidance, feng shui, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, yoga, and complementary therapies, to ensure a holistic and comprehensive approach to individual well-being. 

Together, we can work towards achieving a state of Wellness as defined by the Global Wellness Institute—a proactive pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that foster holistic health. 
Ultimately, the objective is to cultivate a state of comprehensive Wellbeing, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, leading to an overall sense of contentment, happiness, and fulfillment across various aspects of life. 

What are your aspirations for your well-being journey?

With over 20 years’ experience in the field of complementary medicine, I have created gentle but efficient ways to integrate different disciplines and holistic therapies with meditation, physical and yogic exercise, diet, and more. 

The aim is to help people attain a harmonious, balanced and healthy state, adapted to individual, personal needs and requirements and, which encompass all aspects of life. 

I can help and give support - in a gentle but consistent way - during the process of regaining health, whether psychologically, physically or spiritually. 

I can offer assistance during difficult times like bereavement, divorce and during any sudden or difficult time/changes in life. 

I can guide individuals, or couples, through the process of finding lost balance, peace and harmony again; a state facilitates the connection with the innermost core where one finds the most appropriate answers and feedback to doubts and uncertainties. 

I have extensive experience in assisting and helping also pets, and not only their owners. 

Fluency in multiple languages (Italian, German, English, French) has enabled me to work across Italy, Switzerland, and the UK, offering wellness coaching and spiritual guidance. 

I work nationally and internationally via Zoom .

Patrizia Brunelli

BSc Hons Health Sciences MCMA

Qualifications & Certific​ations

  • BSc Hons Health Sciences [UK, University of Westminster]
  • License to practice Homeopathy [UK, Society of Homeopaths]
  • Energy Medicine - Pranic Healing©, [IIS – Institute for Inner Studies]
  • Energy Medicine - Pranic Psychotherapy © [IIS]
  • Energy Medicine - Pranic Crystal Healing © [IIS]
  • Energy Medicine – Reiki Master [SWITZERLAND ]
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher [UK, College of Mindfulness Meditation]
  • Yoga Nidra Teacher [UK, Yoga Alliance 30 hours Teacher Training]
  • Pranic Feng Shui© - For home & office [IIS]
  • Pranic Healing© Level 1 Instructor [IIS] since 2011
  • Superbrain Yoga© Instructor [IIS] since 2011
  • Forest Bathing Guide [UK, ForestTherapyHub]
  • Wilderness 1st Aid [USA]
  • Mental Health First Aider [UK, MFHA England]
  • Resilience and Positive Psychology Certification [CMA]
Member of the Complementary Medical Association

Fully insured